I never take anything for granted. My observation tells me most of the world lives pay check to pay check. The few that are able to save, always seems to see the money disappear when an unexpected event occurs. No matter how cheap you plan on traveling one of your biggest expenses will be your airline ticket.

For this example, today we are using a one-way flight from Cleveland, OH (CLE) to Buenos Aires, Argentina.The cost per person would be $1871.40 USD (priceline). Now, if I did a bit more research I bet I could get this price down a bit. The American Airlines credit card from Citibank, will give you 50,000 airline miles for signing up and spending $3000 in 3 months. I currently pay all my months bills on this card. Yes, there is a yearly fee of $95 USD but this is waived for the first year.

Currently to travel from Cleveland to Buenos Aires it will cost you 20,000 airlines miles plus tax $80.60 per person. Ok cool, now that I got you there, but where do you stay? A “Hostel”; it provides budget-oriented, sociable accommodation where guests can rent a bed, usually a bunk bed, in a dormitory and share a bathroom, lounge, and sometimes a kitchen. Rooms can be mixed or single-sex, although private rooms may also be available. Current rates for downtown Buenos Aires, Argentina is $14 USD per night. For a 2 week trip, you will spend $196 on accommodation.

Two weeks in Argentina

Airline Ticket $80.60
Housing $196.00
Food $7-$10 ($140)
Transportation 32 cents each subway ride
BEER – $0.50 – $3.00

Over the course of 1 year to make this trip happen, you will need $416 USD not adding in beer cost. You will need to save $34.71 per month or $8.67 per week. Now of course this is only the first step on the Brody internship program but we’re not put on this earth just to pay bills and die. I’m not saying you’re going to be a world traveler over night but it’s about time we all started going places.

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